Md Sharif Uzzaman

I am Md Sharif Uzzaman. Completed my B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Development Alternative in December of 2011. I have started my first job at Epsilon Consulting & Development Services as a trainee on February 07, 2011. I have joined as a full-time open-source developer in the same company in October 2011. I left the company on 24th April 2016 and joined Galaxy Semiconductor Inc for a remote job as a Logi Analytics developer. Then joined in Mentor Graphics. After this, I wanna change the track and went back to Dhaka. Joined Right Solutions Ltd as a Support Engineer. After 2 months left the job and joined SEL as an IT Expert. Then on 2nd November 2018 I left Bangladesh to pursue my master’s from Moscow City University, Russia. But something bad happened there with me and I left Russia and went to Nederland. Made Europe tour including Nederland, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Now I’m staying in Barcelona, España 🇪🇦.

I know these guys from class 3. First I meet Javed among all of them. Class 3 – 12 is the golden time of my life. But the most enjoyable time is class six to old-ten. In class seven I was going through a wrong path. I suffered from this. I am well known for video games playing while school is still open. The teacher sends guys to catch me. But except for this, my school life is the best part of my life. After 2008 I just went to my school 2 times and only for 20 mins. I miss my school friends, my school, the traditional city, the Mahananda river, Soshan ghat, and the green lovely city which is covered with natural beauties. I am missing the taste of traditional local foods also.

I like playing cricket, watching football, reading storybooks, traveling, and love food.

In the life of a human being, friends are the most important part after the family. I am thankful to Allah that Allah gave me the chance to meet with all these tremendous guys.

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